LASW Wrap-Up!


What a ride! By far the BEST #LASW to date! Of all the Startup Weekends in LA, this one was truly mind-blowing. We had amazing teams, killer ideas, awesome people from the Kauffman Foundation, and a surprise celebrity judge: Ashton Kutcher, along with his beautiful wife, Demi Moore.

Much of this post is  from the official post on the Startup Weekend site here:

SW LA kicks off with a bang!

Startup Weekend kicked off Friday evening with about 100 participants, speakers and judges from all over the country including Palo Alto, Dallas, Seattle, Kansas City, and Las Vegas.

It was a unique Startup Weekend LA, unlike any other. We had Nick Seguin (@nickseguin) along with Bo Fishback (@bofishback), VP of Entrepreneurship at Kauffman Foundation in town for the weekend as well as Startup Weekend’s Global Operations Manager, Joey Pomerenke (@joeypomerenke), Startup Weekend Board member Eric Koester, and community advisor Ryan Roberts (@startuplawyer) in from Dallas.

Winning Teams:

After the 10 presentations judges deliberated and choose winners, and they were:

  • 1st Place – Zaarly
    • – $1000 cash, 1 x TechCoast Angels Fast pitch tickets, One Month at Coloft for entire company, NerdyShirts package
  • 2nd Place – Eventify Me
    • – $500 cash, 1 x TechCoast Angels Fast pitch tickets, Two Weeks at Coloft for entire company and steak knives
  • 3rd Place – GrubKlub
    • – $500 cash
  • Most Complete Product (MCP) – Zaarly
    • – “Launch Conference” package
  • Cleanest Presentation – Hottie Spotter
    • – Winner of Idealab Mint floor cleaner

Wrap-up and Thank Yous

With the wrap of another awesome SW, participants made the short walk to the after-party located at Wokano in Santa Monica. Drinks generously sponsored by and CallFire.

Again we’d like to thank all of our attendees for all their hard work, our sponsors, organizers, and volunteers including: Avesta and Cameron Rasouli of Coloft, Adam Coomes, Chris Dumler, William Barnes, Efren Toscano, Jim @Techfrog Alden, Vasily Myazin, Imo Udom, Jaime Edwards, Andrew Skotzko, and our awesome speakers and judges.

There is always more  to every “berg” than what is visible on the surface. Startup Weekend just that. It is the place for the startup experience. A place where you can try new things, share ideas. For those who have dabbled in the community — dive further, explore greater depths, what you find my surprise you.

Look closely at initiatives like Startup America and follow what the folks at the Kauffman Foundation are up to. It becomes quite apparent everyone needs to discover an iceberg emerged just to the tip and dive deeper, in turn diving deeper into your  own community. Which icebergs are sitting just below the surface where you live? Or in smaller tech cities like Omaha, Nashville, Kansas City or Los Angeles?

If you are interested, don’t sit at the edge, wondering all by yourself what startups are about or what that idea might turn  into — jump in … we would love to have you.

Stay tuned for the next Startup Weekend LA, be sure to check out StartupNights (@startupnights) LA’s monthly event (hosted @Coloft), as well as Startups Uncensored (hosted by @JasonNazar and Docstoc at the Milken Institute in Santa Monica). Also check out this weekend’s Startup Weekend San Diego and soon to be announced Startup Weekend Las Vegas.