Guest Post for the Winner of the Lexus Startup Competition!


Guest post by Craig Carter, winner of the Lexus “Turn What If Into What Is” startup competition. Follow Craig on twitter: @phonesmartED

Only 5 more days till this year’s Startup Weekend LA, gotta toughen up #Happygilmore…I really feel like this will be the closest thing I ever get to the Amazing Race. Not so much the competition, but the act of arriving, then they say go, and then you start scurrying around like bees knocked out of a hive.

The only thing I know is that I will be coming to the event with an idea that might be a little off from the norm. Its initial phase is on the “non-profit” side. Eeeek no billion dollar valuation! But I think the core concept can be built and prototyped in one weekend (thank goodness for hackers). That is just the tip of the iceberg because the idea has lots of room to grow into other avenues….so we will see if people have any interest. Win, Lose, or Draw on my idea I am getting stoked to meet all the other crazies cracking at
the bit to jive on business ideas for a weekend… stop LA…..!