Guest post wrap up


Startup Weekend was an incredible experience to say the least.  On Friday night you hear people say it could be life changing, but like so many things you dont really listen.  But the entire weekend was filled with talking and meeting amazing people all trying to develop some great ideas.  The enthusiam was toxic and enveloped everyone.

As I was an Austinite at an LA event, it was a great way to get a total submersion to the LA start up scene.  I drank the kool-aid and give me a beach over a valley any day of the week 😉

Looking forward, the weekend opens up endless opportunities if you take them by the horns.  Speaking of horns, I have to give a shout out to the winners at Snazzy Room led by a University of Texas Alum.  Hook Em! They had a great idea and great execution during the weekend.  I hope the best for them.

In all it was an amazing weekend that opened doors.  Thanks #SWLA!